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Here at maharaja palace, we bring you the small India in your hometown. You can experience the proper Indian culture and traditions at Maharaja Palace.
India is famous for two things, one for food and the other is hospitality. As Maharaja Palace is purely Indian Hotel, we provide you with a large variety of exotic Indian cuisine that everyone craves for. From the spicy chaat of Delhi to delicious Hydrabadi chicken biryani you will get everything under one shelter.

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Exclusive Indian Cuisine

Mains Vegetarian

Lunch: 11:00-15:00h
  • Lahsooni Dal Tadka
    SRD 50.00
    yellow lentil garlic tempiring
  • Dal Makhani
    SRD 60.00
    black dal simmered overnight , butter, cream enriched
  • Jeera Aloo
    SRD 50.00
    boiled potato tossed in cumin and corriender
  • Dum Aloo Kashmiri
    SRD 60.00
    crunchy potato simmered in typical kashmiri gravy
  • Bhindi Do Pyaza
    SRD 60.00
    whole okra cooked in diced onion and tomato ,chef special masala

Mains Non-vegetarian

  • Maharaja Special Duck Curry
    SRD 80.00 | SRD 150.00
    Bone duck cooked in onion tomato, gravy and chef special spices
    half | full
  • Maharaja Prawn Curry
    SRD 120.00
    our chef specialty made up of sea prawns in secret spices
  • Saag Gosht
    SRD 110.00
    succulent pieces of goat cooked in finaly minced spinach puree
  • Mutton Rogan-e-josh
    SRD 110.00
    tender goat pices with onion ,tomato,yoghurt and kashmiri red chilly
  • Chicken Lababdar
    SRD 85.00
    chargrilled chicken boneless cooked in fresh oniion tomato gravy with well pepper





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Delicious Indian Food

“Get A Royal Treatment

India had a number of rulers and the life of kings was the most fascinating thing. So here you can experience that fascinating and luxurious life like a king. Moreover, our hospitality will make you feel like one. So, come experience the beauty and luxury of India at Maharaja Palace.

We will be happy to serve you!
Andira Straat,Johannes Mungrastraat 34, upstairs